We Can Think Whatever We Want.

5 04 2012

There was a time when I knew what kind of person I really was. Actually, there were a few times. Most of these pockets of reality happened a few decades or so ago. Probably around 5yrs old I knew I was just a kid. Then, maybe later, around 15 or so, all I had to do was listen to music and ride my skateboard. Those were pretty harmless times in life.

Other than that, I have only had a fantasy of the kind of person I have grown into. Maybe “grown into” is not the right phrase by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I would argue that the correct phrase is “the kind of person I have shrunk into in order to get-by”.

For instance, being a highly critical person, rarely do I have to look at myself. Sure, I can point out the inefficiencies of our local government or what a fuct up person you are, all the while giving some piss-poor excuse for my lack of accomplishments (whether they are good or bad makes no difference).

Hey, look at that shiny fucking object. Who gives a fuck? Go stab someone.




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