How to Dismantle the Government

8 10 2011

Ever wonder, “How can I do the most damage to the state?” Here is a thought, participate in it. Really, it is that simple. If you think you want change, and you’re quite sure no one has gotten it right before, stop the letter writing, the vocalization of your opinion, the fighting of “the man” and just sit back, go to work, pay your bills and let it run itself into the ground.

That’s right, revolutionary as it maybe, try participating in it quietly, so we may watch it come to a halt one these decades. We are getting closer everyday! Did you ever see The Postman or Mad Max? Oh, it’ll happen, sure, maybe not in our time, but we can do our part by doing what we are highly recommended. Go to work and die.

Go ahead, enjoy your day, lots of us will. Do what you have to do to get through the day, smile, drink, be merry, steal a car and all that good stuff. 


Oh, So Serious

4 10 2011

Not sure about you all but I have a good time everywhere I go. I slept with three young women last night. We took a stroll and took pictures. Slept like a baby as per the SOP.

Not sure how the homeless deal with it. People were unusually loud while I had ordered some shut-eye. Luckily, I have been a few places where people refuse to “shut the fuck up” and I sleep anyway. Plus, my back feels better from the firm ground.

Funny is watching folks take control and becoming the spokespersons. Yes, we will be quiet while you speak for all your minions. Just like the one’s who have spoken for you and y’all aren’t too happy with the results.

In other awesome news…It’s still October which means it is Halloween! I love Halloween almost as much as I love Christmas and every other fucking holiday…not at all or as much as I like every other god for saken day.

This is what I came up with:

4 10 2011

Totally uneventful. What I witnessed: Nothing. I almost thought the Venice Drum Circle had simply relocated. Some young and free latino’s played some tunage while some pretty young ladies danced on top of box of sorts (I decided this was in long standing tradition and homage to the cardboard boxes that occupied DTLA for so many years). Couple of dirty guys trying to pick up on some skirts, herb in the air, and a few people who looked like they WANT PURPOSE finding it under the stars in a big lonely city.

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I will be sleeping there tonight to check and see what the trip is and isn’t. My opinion is not necessary and the gig is known…You are fuct from the gate and just found out. Oh, well, move on…

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