Err America

18 10 2011

When I fly, which is not that often, depression sets in a few moments. You get a real taste of America and it would appear not all that interesting. It is so boring to look at the average American Suit going back and forth in the sky , from meeting to meeting or sale to sale. Sure, some people are nice to look, a few are even okay to interact with, the destination is always a good break, so I suppose that does make up for the feeling of overwhelming disgust.

More interesting in the sky and the rooms that get you there are the international travelers. The lone traveler, when not angry-looking, is also relatively intriguing. Even the drunks are fun to watch.

Not fun, the average American Suit, taking up space.


Photographer Anonymous

5 10 2011

Anonymous would be a great start to the project known as “Check Out This Rad Picture of Me”. Ever wonder why people are not snapping photos of that guy or girl, that you are so fond of? Neither have I.

Sometimes, I wonder, “why don’t people take more pictures of me?”. May have something to do with the fact that life does not take place, with my grandmother, snapping cute pictures of me, making love to her gray lens. Could be that a whole lot of us are not models.

Even more annoying are the models who aren’t really models, in the sense of the traditional one’s, anyway. We are not talking about the Target, Walmart, or a JC Penney Model, but rather the “I stand around half nude so a perverted photographer can call himself a photographer”, model. Those types tend to take lots of photos of themselves, too.

Ever notice, cute girls get more attention from cameras than cute guys or hideous people in general? Just a fact and nothing more.

Lookout, here comes my paparazzi.

Check my feet, they are hot! Sorry, I did take the photo myself.

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