Ronald Reagan: Greatest President Ever

7 10 2011

Spent the evening with a few friends of mine. It wasn’t supposed to be as fun, as we made, but I found light. We listened to music, took a stroll, had a bit of coffee and found a lovely gem. Actually, one of the few gems came first:

As a young-in, Reagan and Carter debating, was the most exposure to television I experienced.  Two old men talking about stuff. After that, it was all World News Tonight with Peter Jennings. Sounded  like a great evening to me and my young impressionable mind. All those men had one thing in common, that I know of , and it was hair that looked like my hero’s, Hugh Beaumont. You know, Beaver’s Pop from Leave it to Beaver?

So, being how what a happy kid I was, my conclusion is that Reagan had to be the greatest President of the United States in my short lifetime. It was all smiles as child, wide as the eye could see. Shit, all we did was play all day. That president did not make me get a job, like all the presidents to follow.

There is the reasoning behind the thought process today. Never mind the Reaganomics. He was Gangster. Making decisions all senile and shit. You cannot top that. Try…


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